The Second Galactic Civil War

In the wake of the Yuuzahan Vong invasion, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances renamed itself the Galactic Republic and sought to rebuild. However, it found resistance at almost every turn. People had lost faith in the Republic after the monumental disaster that was the Yuuzahan Vong.

The real clincher, however, was that the republic and jedi advocated the use of Yuuzahan Vong terra-forming technology to rebuild worlds. Although a huge success initially, soon the world’s began to destabilise, atmosphere’s began to become poisonous (killing thousands) and natural disasters began to unleash themselves on colossal scales. None could figure out the problem, but the scapegoats were clear and at hand. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before people began to look back fondly on the Empire – and so the Leviathan re-emerged.

The war was decisive and in 120ABY the Empire was re-established. The Yuuzahan Vong were cast to the Outer Rim. Peace and order reigned supreme and, at last, the galaxy began to heal. Eventually the Imperial Knights were established as a replacement for the Jedi in maintaining order as people had lost their trust in the Jedi. The Imperial Knights themselves were once Jedi who believed in the Empire and were disillusioned with the constant failings of the republic.


The Second Galactic Civil War

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