Spartacus Hughes

"All right boys, let's fuck this pig."


“You call that a gun?”

HP 140 DmgT 36/72 Speed 8
Fort +31 Ref + 32 Will +24 Classy 5
Str 12 | Con 18 | Dex 20 | Int 14 | Wis 8 | Cha 17
MeleeBAB +12 RangedBAB +16

PRIMARY = Black Betty (Bam-ba-lam)
STANDARD ATK: 18 (3d10+16) | 18 (5d10+16) if enemy has not acted | 19 (4d10+16) if aiming | 19 (6d10+16) if aiming & enemy has not acted
DOUBLE ATK: 15/15 (3d10+16) x2 | 15/15 (5d10+16) x2 if enemy has not acted
MOD: Superior Damage

Utility Belt
EMP Grenade

||Base|| Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency (Simple), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)
||1|| Weapon Proficiency (Heavy)
||2|| Precise Shot
||3|| Armour Proficiency (Light)
||4|| Quick Draw
||5|| Armour Proficiency (Medium)
||B6|| Deadeye
||C6|| Martial Arts I
||8|| Double Shot
||9|| Triple Crit
||12|| Skill Focus: Initiative

||1|| Knack
||3|| Lucky Shot
||5|| Weapon Specialisation (Heavy Weapons)
||7|| Devastating Attack
||9|| Ambush
||11|| Uncanny Luck
||12|| Multiattack Proficiency (Heavy Weapons)

1 – ||1|| Scoundrel
2 – ||2|| Scoundrel
3 – ||3|| Scoundrel
4 – ||4|| Scoundrel
5 – ||1|| Soldier
6 – ||2|| Soldier
7 – ||3|| Soldier
8 – ||4|| Soldier
9 – ||1|| Elite Trooper
10- ||2|| Elite Trooper
11- ||1|| Gunslinger
12- ||3|| Elite Trooper


- Black Betty

There are faces that only mothers could love. And then there is Spartacus Hughes.

Standing ten-foot-whatever and with a face like the back end of a knackery, Spartacus Hughes has never been what would be considered handsome. Nonetheless, through a fateful combination of pig-headed masculinity, misplaced chutzpah and an overwhelming sense of self-entitlement, Spartacus Hughes has managed to drink, fight and fuck his way through a shockingly large chunk of the galaxy.

Approaching six hundred years old and unlikely to slow down anytime soon, Spartacus has fought on both sides of every single major intra-Galactic dispute since the rise and fall of Admiral Thrawn. Interestingly, a lifetime of mercenary work has left him with a rather dim view of politics in general, and he appears to consider diplomacy as little more than a particularly ineffective way to pick up women.

Married to his lifestyle and his rifle, Black Betty (he booked out an entire Risi hotel for the ceremony), Spartacus has nonetheless been recently linked to Elektra Galactits, the hottest Holonet star this side of the Outer Rim. Whether or not this is true is a matter of public conjecture, but general consensus holds that Elektra is deeply fortunate that Black Betty is not a jealous lover.

Spartacus Hughes

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