• Avery Coke

    Avery Coke

    since the invention of pistols with more than 6 rounds punks have begun to feel considerably less lucky
  • Bubu Shiitake (Bubhu'shhi'takhee)

    Bubu Shiitake (Bubhu'shhi'takhee)

    "Hold still while I sautee you."
  • Salvador 'Sal' Calavera

    Salvador 'Sal' Calavera

    Saving his soul, one spice at a time.
  • Spartacus Hughes

    Spartacus Hughes

    "All right boys, let's fuck this pig."
  • Xiszek Remno

    Xiszek Remno

    Manic and Confident, Xiszek likes nothing more then a nice big explosion. Once he begins a mission, he is passionate to the point of obsession. Xiszek is quick to anger. This is usually due to his OCD conflicting with the actions of others.