Star Wars: Raiders of the Lost Empires

Adventure Three: The Great Cantina in the Sky, Part One

Due to the recent stresses of adventuring, and a complete lack of fuel, Captain James Riley ordered a rest and vacation at the infamous Haven. The space station was filled with blood pits, sabacc tables, bars and sin, and was the go to place for every manner of scum and villainy who wanted to associate without the violence, for once.

Perhaps inevitably, the relaxation was short-lived. An infamous bounty hunter with extensive means named Duane Chapman took the station hostage. Claiming to have a nuclear device rigged into the premises, he demanded the capture of one Johnathan Winters who was taking refuge in Haven. To back himself, he seemed to have deployed crack teams of Mandalorian mercenaries, skilled mechanics and at least one hacker of exceptional quality.

With a daring display of martial ability, Avery Coke, Salvador 'Sal' Calavera and Spartacus Hughes managed to drive off a squadron of Mandalorians from the Mynock and free it from ray shield lockdown. However, in spite of the best efforts of newly hired Xiszek Remno, the docking bay itself remained completely shut off from the outside.

After acquiring a communicator from Jaina Winters, Johnathon's (now) deceased wife, the heroes were left with several options: call the mysterious Jensaarai,
investigate where Duane Chapman actually was, or find and disarm the nuclear device, which they had reason to believe was placed around or in the water containment area of Haven. Opting for the latter, the met strong opposition in the form of the resurgent Mandalorians who had set a trap for them. After a deadly struggle that nearly cost them their lives, the adventurers were able to best the disciplined commandos, but the cost may have been too high as their injuries will make it difficult to continue...

As for my stake in all this? Well, dear reader,
that's another matter altogether.



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