“This planet is evil. It corrupted me! But you… you can save me. Just let me get away from here…”

Region Outer Rim Territories
Sector Thanium sector
System Felucia system
Suns 1: Felix
Orbital position 4
Moons 2
Rotation period 34 standard hours
Orbital period 231 local days

Diameter 9,100 kilometers
Atmosphere Type II
Climate Hot and humid
Gravity 75%
Primary terrain Fungus forests

Prominant Native Species: Felucians, Felucian bird, Felucian flying manta, Felucian ripper, Felucian snail, Felucian slug, Gelagrub, Yerdua Poison-Spitter, Tee-muss.
Society Abandoned: Once colonised by the Gossam.
Languages Gossam, Felucianese
Population Unknown

Felucia wide


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