Salvador 'Sal' Calavera

Saving his soul, one spice at a time.


HP 108 DmgT 33 Speed 6
Fort +29 Ref +31 Will +26 Classy 5
Str 12 | Con 16 | Dex 20 | Int 14 | Wis 16 | Cha 13
MeleeBAB +11 RangedBAB +18
Credits: 2750
Languages: Basic, Dug, Tactical Sign Language, Boccie.


DLT-20A Scoped Rail-gun
STANDARD ATK: 19 /or/ 20 when Aiming ||| DMG: 3d12+10 /or/ 4D12+14 + -1Con when Aiming.
STANDARD ATK w/ SNIPE: 21 /or/ 22 when Aiming ||| DMG: 3d12+10 /or/ 4D12+14 + -1Con when Aiming.

DOUBLE ATK: 18 /or/ 19 when Aiming ||| DMG: 6d12+20 /or/ 8D12+28 + -2Con when Aiming.
DOUBLE ATK w/ SNIPE: 20 /or/ 21 when Aiming ||| DMG: 6d12+18 /or/ 8D12+28 + -2Con when Aiming.

MOD: Tactical Scope (-1Con when Aiming) + Lightened (No Bonus)
NOTE: DMG Threshold is considered 5 less than native.

DT-12 Heater
STANDARD ATK: 18 /or/ 19 when Aiming ||| DMG: 4d6+6 /or/ 5d6+6 + -1Con when Aiming.
STUN DAMAGE: 18 /or/ 19 when Aiming ||| DMG: Same as above, see rules.
MOD: None

  • 2x Ammunition Bandoleer (6 clips each)
  • 2x Spice Hits (12xHits on Ship)
  • 7x Proximity Flare (Pouch)
  • 2x Mandelorian ’nades (5d6+2)
  • Combat Survival Kit (Com Scrambler, Rad Detector, Glowrod, Rations .ect)
  • Comlink & Credit Chit
  • Climbing Claws (+5 Climb)
  • Goggles & Gloves
  • Adventures Poncho (Camouflage Cloak of +5 Stealth)
  • Ascension Gun
  • Flash Powder (Flavor)
  • Smoke Bomb (Flavor)

Found on Arkanian Corpse (Aloysius):

  • DataPad (Suspicious Email, 34th Floor, Elias)
  • Credit Chit

||2|| Precise Shot (No Melee Penalty)
||B3|| Double Attack (2nd ATK -5) (Now -3 from M-Atk Prof)
||4|| Dead Eye (AIM+1DIE)
||6|| Careful Shot (AIM+1ATK)
||B6|| Sniper Shot (2 Atk, -5 Ref)
||B9|| Desperate Gambit (If attack misses, reroll at -2 Ref)
||C|| Point Blank Shot (
||C|| Weapon Proficiency (Simple,Pistols,Rifles)

||1|| Reactive Stealth (When missed, move 1/2, Stealth)
||3|| Weapon Specialization Rifles (+2DMG)
||5|| Fade Out (Roll Stealth distraction at +5, Hide)
||7|| Ghost Assailant (If in cover, Roll Stealth to make FlatFooted)
||8|| Maintain Target (Aim & Move)
||10|| Muti-Attack Prof (Reduce Double Atk Penalty by 2)

11 Acrobatics
15 Athletics (Re-Roll Jump & Climb Racial)
15 Initiative
13 Perception
13 Persuasion
25 Stealth (inc. +5 Racial)
20 Ride (inc. +5 DM Bonus)


  • Spice Addicted
  • Technophobic

::LEVEL PROGRESSION:: – ||Scout3/Solder4/Sharpshooter4||
1 – ||1|| Scout: Talent
2 – ||2|| Scout: Feat
3 – ||1|| Soldier: Talent
4 – ||2|| Soldier: Feat
5 – ||3|| Scout: Talent
6 – ||3|| Scout: Feat
7 – ||4|| Soldier: Talent
8 – ||1|| Sharp: Maintain Target
9 – ||2|| Sharp: Sniper +1
10 – ||3|| Sharp: Multi-Attack -2
11 – ||4|| Sharp : Sniper +2

Mythweavers Dynamic Sheet


“I’m bored of this Universe, I don’t think I’ll stay”
-Salvador Calavera

This is one little dug with a long story to tell. Standing proud at 1m 10cm, the 74 year old has seen the rise and fall of countless Galactic Governments, and lived out the lies of an army of forgotten Politicians each promising a brighter tomorrow.

Sal was always an eye catching little thing, his white and orange colouration stood out in stark contrast to his beautiful turquoise eyes, the spitting image of his father. However his world was not as bright.

Having escaped the shackles of slavery he was born into, Sal was conscripted into the first of three Civil Wars in his lifetime, opting to fight for whoever offered the most amount of travel at least amount of front line entanglement. Sal trained as a rifleman, then as a sharpshooter, turning his deadeye and nimble dexterity toward Hunting, Pool-sharking and Bird Watching between intergalactic conflicts. It wasn’t until peace was won and life slowed that life got dull… during the Decline Sal’s farm was infested by plague which cost him his life savings and the mortality of his wife (with child).

Sal has been left numb by this Universe. The once optimistic go-getter turned melancholy-nihilist wandered the stellar streams aimlessly; a paper scrap lost in a junk yard of lonely souls, no suicide held enough poetry to be worth the effort.

Decades went by before Sal was knocked to his feet, the fifteen-hundred-and-something year old was blind on a spice binge and in need of a fix, when he crossed paths with dashing young upstart, Captain James Riley, who’s sense of adventure and promise of purpose was Sal’s last hope at a meaningful death… and the credits to solve his woes.

At first Sal looked to his new home as a ship of lost souls bound to wander the astral tides for all time. But has since come to respect and even love its inhabitants as his extended family. Sure beats self-pity.

*Sal eagerly awaits his 75th birthday some time this year.

Salvador 'Sal' Calavera

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