Nuru & Mith Cam'Co

Physics and Tech Experts aboard the Mynock


Nuru and Mith are a pair of Chiss who are married and live aboard the Mynock. Nuru is an expert in both modern and historical Technology, while Mith is an expert in the Physical Sciences. Both sport the characteristic blue skin, striking red eyes and jet black hair of their race. Normally pretty dour and anti-social, most people leave them alone. Unlike others on the ship, Nuru and Mith have wealth independent of a cut from any loot discovered, and so do not work for the captain as such. Instead, they are along in an academic capacity, obsessed with re-discovering lost technology, and even occasionally buy the odd item off Riley. In exchange for their keep, they provide their expertise to the ship in any way that it might prove useful.


Nuru & Mith Cam'Co

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