Avery Coke

since the invention of pistols with more than 6 rounds punks have begun to feel considerably less lucky


Scout3/Soldier 3/Scoundrel 2/ Gunslinger 3
Str 16
Dex 19
Con 16
Int 16
Wis 10
Char 15

Hp: 112
Class: 10
Attack: Blue Bolt Blaster 15, 4d87
Two Weapon: Blue Bolt Blaster x2, 13/13, 4d8+7 + 4d8+7

Athletics; 13
Endurance: 13
Initiative: 14
Ride: 14
Perception: 10
Stealth: 19
Survival: 10
Deception: 17
Mechanics: 13

Precise shot
point blank shot
quick draw
weapon focust pistol
attack combo ranged
shake it off
rapid shot
duel weapon mastery 1 & 2
Comabat Trickery
Skill focus deception

Art of Concealment
Hidden Weapons
Devistating attack
Dastardly Strike
Pistol Duelist
trigger work


Avery Coke

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