Star Wars: Raiders of the Lost Empires

Prelude to Adventure

It's been a long time between jobs for the crew of the Mynock, but they've finally hit on a lead. Unfortunately that lead takes them to the planet of Felucia - a cesspit of disease and angry natives that crawl over the fungus jungle like ants over a jam doughnut.

This might be the biggest break they've seen in a long time, though, and everyone knows it. CR-90, the flagship of the once mighty House of Organa was thought long lost to history.

Importantly, too, the jedi codes used by Obi-wan Kenobi and Yoda to begin secret communications with the last of the Jedi after the purge are hidden away on that ship. With those logs and pass-codes, one could unlock all kinds of mysteries, if one were so inclined.

It almost seems too good to be true... but, then, it's hard not to have a bad feeling about the mission when you're strapping on breath masks and air-dropping into a place like Felucia.

As for my stake in all this? Well, dear reader,
that's another matter altogether.



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