Star Wars: Raiders of the Lost Empires

Adventure Two: Last Stop

Acts 1-3

A man in his late twenties – handsome, if awkward – is rushing alone through the darkened streets of Nar Shaddaa. Around him infrastructure looks frozen in the act of collapsing: wires hang loosely, lights word erratically and makeshift walkways connect ramshackle buildings that struggle for space with one another. In dark and still, only the man seems to move – his heavy panting is deafening and hoarse.
He stops and catches his breath, under his arm a dark green box is clutched by white-knuckled hands. In the distance, the fast approaching sounds of a train make his him raise his head. He resumes his run. He races up a set of stairs two-at-a-time onto the platform of an empty train station seemingly lit by stars alone. The man looks back over his shoulder, and his eyes widen in fear. “How is that possible!?” he groans. A deep blue blaster bolt ricochets off the handrail and the man dives for cover. The sounds of the train rush through the station accompanied by the screeching of long-worn brakes. A shower of bolts flies over head, some hitting the train. The man looks back at the source, then to the train, then back again as the train doors open under a hail of fire…

The heroes sat around a table at a hot jazz bar in Nar Shaddaa. They are hearing a tale from Grun, a large man concerned for his nephew's safety. His name: Elias. Elias is an artifact hunter like them, only he's run into the wrong side of trouble in the forgotten levels of the Smuggler's Moon. There's only one way to get there: via the Ol'33 - train that's been drifting autonomously for centuries through the uninhabited districts delivering ghosts to empty stations.

On the way to the train station, the heroes met a Rodian arms dealer who, amongst other items, held a rather unique, powerful set of EMP grenades - a few of which were promptly purchased.

Continuing, the train station beckoned and the players were surprised to see another man, a drifter by all appearances, riding the rails. Although he was approached and provoked, he seemed not only uninterested in the protagonists, but outright disdainful. When the train arrived, they kept an eye on him, but were soon distracted by a body lying across the tracks - heroically salvaged by Salvador 'Sal' Calavera. His datapad pointed them toward the expeditions last stop - the very next one.

The train having left with the old stranger aboard, the eroes walked along the tracks and then exited the next station. Upon exploration of the level they found, curious in this area, signs of life in the desolate wreckage of the forgotten levels. An old prison had a light shining out of it like a beacon. The prison was home to Hal and his five prisoners - Hal himself being there in self-imposed exile after the death of his family.

Unfortunately, although he seemed affable, if odd, Hal also turned out to be quite mad. He tricked the characters into descending into the abandoned prison levels - rife with viscera and the signs of men turned feral and forgotten in the underground complex for decades. trapped in the complex they were ambushed by the prisoners but managed to beat them all back. They also found a second body of one of Elias men - no doubt lured - who had suffered the fate intended for them - being cannibalized alive. His discarded bag held a com-link that contained Elias contact details, and it was just as well, because the young archaeologist was in a lot of trouble and he knew a way out of the prison.

Racing to his rescue, the heroes spotted an unexpected witness - Elias brother, who clutched the relic tightly and hid under Sal's protection while the other three confronted the Old Man who was a bounty hunter gone mad that lived to protect the secrets of deepest Nar Shaddaa. With stunning marksmanship, and a quick dive, Spartacus Hughes managed to save Elias from being hung by a cord. The protagonists got the better of his would-be murderer despite his personal shields and stealth suit, and, as he fled, Emily Swanson used her EMP grenade to knock out his defenses leaving Avery Coke to deliver the final blow with consummate skill.

And the rest, dear reader, is history…



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