Star Wars: Raiders of the Lost Empires

Adventure One: Slippery Jacks and King Browns

Acts 1-3

Our heroes weaved through the fungus jungles of Felucia grasping their first treasure - an ivory statue with crystalline eyes. The monolithic flora was accompanied by exotic animals chirping and barking around them – the sounds always seeming close, but sources never visible. The eyes of the figurine glow and the heroes are suddenly attacked from all sides by a seemingly endless tide of Felucians. In the distant the coming of yet more of the tribe - and something far larger and more terrifying - were enough to lead the treasure hunters to flight. They were forced toward a wooden bridge that extended across a long canyon - covered in wrist-thick vines and a fluorescent, mossy substance. They attampted the perilous crossing as the tide poured in behind them until Spartacus Hughes heroically severed the bridge, while still on it, swinging to the other-side with a dashing display of derring-do.

Cutting to Bandomeer, Tatooine, Corellia and Nar Shaddaa, we found the origins of our protagonists and their staunch willingness to do the job set before them and their reasons for attempting such undertakings as we are witnessing. Flasing forward to The Mynock, Captain James Riley and The Crew are briefing for the Felucian mission. “After you recover the statue, you’ll need to locate the Togrutan tribe on the other side of this chasm and get them to show you where the wreck is. Kell tells me that Torgutans are usually civilised, but, if they’re not, you’ll have to find a way to convince them to help you. Once you locate the wreckage of the Organa you need to assess whether it’s able to be recovered and rebuilt, or whether it’s scrap. Your second objective is to recover the lost Jedi Data and get their pass-codes from the ship’s computers. Any other loot you can find will be a final objective, if you have time to search the ship thoroughly. Any questions?" The details were sorted through and so it was back to Felucia.

Upon entering an oddly placed glade some time after the chasm fight, the brave adventurers noticed the jungle begins to shift and grow and merge so perfectly that, without quite noticing when it happened, they found themselves in a make-shift fungal ‘chamber’. The air began to thicken with spores and their masks could barely contain the poisonous enviroment. Though threatened by the vines that strapped all but Emily Swanson's nimble feet to the ground, the heroes managed to fend off the Felucian druids that assailed them and take, for a prize, their Boga mounts who would prove exceptional useful for navigating the complex jungle terrain.

After four long hours of tracking, it was Salvador 'Sal' Calavera who finally found signs of the Togrutan tribe. Approaching one of the native scouts, the party managed to comport themselves in such a manner that they were led to the village the Togrutans had built into the fungus jungle. They were told of the enmity between the Togrutans and Felucians, the forgotten cities of the Gossam - destroyed in The Second Galactic Civil War and now overrun with Felucians - and led to a mysterious force ghost of their ancestor, Shaak Ti. Shaak Ti showed them a path to their objective, but warned them that they would be travelling through a Force Nexus, and each would see the manner of their death before reaching the end of the labyrinth.

Taking the mysterious path through a fog of phosphorescent spores, each character met with his doom - a dark figure, wielding a Sith lightsaber and moving as if in a dream. Everyone seemed to be fighting for their right to exist and as the mysterious Darth's blade cut into them, they saw their own death's, at his hand, in a stark chamber open to space thanks to its canopy of glass. Having banished the dream with impressive mental strength, and perhaps not quite knowing what to make of it all, the party left the undergound and at last found the wreckage of the Organa.

Gaining entry to the ship was one thing, but, as the party located the computer files, they looked out of the cockpit upon a most unwelcome sight: the Felucian hordes had found them - and with them was the being they had heard called The Leviathan. In the belly of the ship Sal and Avery held at bay the innumerable Felucians while the schematics downloaded. In the cockpit, Emily desperately struggled with the archaic computers and downloaded the Jedi files while Spartacus and Black Betty turned to The Leviathan as it opened the cockpit like a tin can. as the computers finished downloading, the Mynock swept in dramatically, star-cannons blazing, over the glorious stand that was being taken below. Forcing their way out through the hordes with with their Destiny Points, Sal and Avery arrived just as Spartacus literally lept from the jaws of the Leviathan onto the rope ladders hanging from the Mynock and the party were pulled to safety amongst the roar of engines and pounding gunfire from above.



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